How long are the services?

Generally, they are about 75 minutes long. We have a time of singing (Praise and Worship), receive an offering, and then have the Bible preaching/teaching. We normally have a time of post-sermon prayer, and that’s about it!

Is there a dress code?

The only dress code is clothes and shoes. 😁 Other than that, we just want you to be comfortable. Some people like to dress up and others come dressed a little more casually. Either way is fine with us.


Will there be something for my children?

Yes, we have Children’s Church during the sermon. We also have child care for toddlers and infants.

Will I have to give any money?

We always receive an offering because we believe that is one way we worship God. However, offerings are always voluntary. You will not be forced or manipulated into giving anything.

Is Solid Rock Church affiliated with a denomination?

We’re part of the Assemblies of God, which is a voluntary fellowship of churches.